About Us

Welcome to Indigo True family!

Indigo True originated from the search for a way to create a business that can help people improve their everyday lives. The founders, husband and wife, drew their inspiration from the things they both knew very well: design and cooking. They set out to create their own kitchenware brand and embarked on a journey to inspire people to cook more at home and enjoy the process of preparing food.

Most kitchen tools are designed by people who never actually use them and that is why they do not always work well. The founders' passion and love for cooking inspires them to source and design only the best products that they believe in. Steven and Irene make it a point to use all their products in their own kitchen. Products from Indigo True not only look great but are also super functional. 

Steven is an experienced product designer who believes that even everyday objects can be beautifully designed. He has worked in the industry for over 10 years and has always dreamed of designing his own products. With the help of his wife’s cooking experience Steven was able to improve and redesign a line of essential kitchen tools, making them pleasing to the eye and functional at the same time.

When Irene isn’t helping her husband with their business you’ll most likely find her in the kitchen with their two little girls. Her love of cooking began when she was a young girl herself, helping her mom with dinner. Since then cooking has become her passion and a way to relax. And, although she’s not a trained chef she spends most of her spare time cooking up something delicious for family and friends.




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