8.5" Banneton Basket with Cloth Liner and Flexible Bowl Scraper

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  • Approximate Outside Dimensions 8.5"(D) x 3.5"(H) - ideal for a perfectly-sized artisan loaf of bread
  • Made of unbleached natural cane (food-safe and non-toxic, complies with EU food standards)
  • Comes with a flexible bowl scraper to help with dough shaping and care instructions in pdf format
  • Cloth Liner included - choose a smooth crust on your bread or the classic spiral Brotform look


Banneton Baskets are made of natural cane and are used for proofing the bread dough before baking (commonly referred to as the second rise of the dough). They work by creating a slightly humid micro-climate between the dough and the banneton during proofing. As the dough dries it creates a skin, and this is what makes a superb traditional crust on artisan bread. By containing the rising dough the basket prevents sideways spread (the bread comes up taller, not wider) and creates a beautiful pattern of flour that contrasts with score marks (made right before baking to help the loaf expand).

Professional bakeries use bannetons regularly to achieve the beautiful spiral effect on their artisan bread bouilles. With one of these bannetons you can bake just as good of a loaf in your own kitchen! Our bannetons come with a handy flexible bowl scraper which is very helpful in removing all of your sticky dough from the bowl when you're ready to shape your bread.

Before using our banneton be sure to read the Use and Care Instructions provided in a PDF format.

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